Why so expensive

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6 Reasons Healthcare Is So Expensive in the U.S.

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Why are camper vans so expensive?

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Why are razor blades so expensive?

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So even if our daughter is 5 years old and has lived with both of us that whole time, my wife has to go through a home study and have a background check and have a social worker come to our home. So carbon fiber doesn't just require one genius fix to get it into a lower price class, it requires an entire systems overhaul.

As with anything offering a big financial reward, the industry is on it. A trip to the local drug store prompted listener Paul Fuligni to wonder why razor blades are so expensive, such that they’re now often in locked containers or behind the counter at the drug.

Home Uncategorized Why is Healthcare So Expensive? July 5, by Rolando in Uncategorized 0 0 Why is the U.S. paying so much more for care and not appearing at the top of the rankings?

So why does college still cost half as much, on average, in other countries? O ne oddity of America’s higher-education system is that it is actually three different systems masquerading as one: There is one system of public colleges; another of private, nonprofit institutions; and one made up of for-profit colleges.

That's why there's no $ Apple laptop. And that's why they seem so expensive. I assure you, though, that when you compare them with Windows laptops of equal specifications (and I mean fully equal, including high resolution displays and all the little toys), Apple products are competitive.

Why so expensive
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