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A PR Case Study: Dove Real Beauty Campaign

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Special Report: Marketing 50

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Selfie: This is a short film that was displayed at the Sundance Film Festival in which a photographer teaches high-school girls and their moms to boost their confidence and expand their views of what beauty is by taking self-portraits with their phones and posting them on social media.

Brands, agencies, and Facebook themselves have been very helpful in publishing several Facebook advertising case studies. In fact Facebook has dozens out there on the web in various places. Case Study Link. Unilever launched a campaign on Facebook to advertise and distribute samples of its new Marmite Cereal Bar.

They wanted to build. Read case studies on the best advertising, marketing and commercial creativity from Campaign, the world's leading publication for the advertising, marketing and media communities.

Find out case studies of the various advertising campaigns by afaqs. Some of the best digital marketing case studies that we've come across, showcasing what's new and working in social media, content marketing, SEO, and more!

Discover how we have successfully implemented a new content marketing campaign for our client, Budget Mobile Cover; The art of storytelling - You got us there Pedrigree!

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